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Large crowd of Parisian's shopping at busy street markets.

I celebrate the inherent, often forgotten, extraordinary magnificence, of all those who cross my path.  This is my, "why," and it is the joy, of all that I do, and all that I am.   It thrills me to hear, "that's me," or to discover in conversation, a sleeping gift, "possibility."  I, like you, am a "cup of God," a work in progress, living my life, learning to appreciate its' valleys, and treasuring the moments of joy, that are blessed upon me.  I am so, so very thankful, to experience, and evolve that joy, on the enriching, and inspirational roads of photography.  I am grateful for the blessing of imagination, and the ocean of images that flow through me.  And, I am deeply humbled, by the help that I receive, to bring into the world, for the benefit of the human spirit, "to do some good," some of the images that cross my heart.  I am a man, reaching to allow the well-being of my life to be, who by grace, is a photographer.                                                                                                               Be well, 

Photographer, Writer, Samuel Keaton.
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